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Bank stocks attract money

The market struggled in a narrow range despite the expiration of the futures contract on December 15, the money flow was diversified, focusing mainly on banks.

Foreign investors’ cash flow decreased, domestic investors’ buying power was divided, causing the market to continue struggling.

VN-Index opened today in the green, but the gain margin was only around single-digit threshold. Both buyers and sellers kept cautious sentiment. One side does not push the buying price drastically, the other doesn’t lower the selling price too deeply. Stocks after ATC session hardly changed strongly. By mid-morning, banks were the group that changed. The cash flow was stronger, focusing on some codes like VPB or MBB, helping this group turn up. However, the green color did not create a general resonance when the rest of the market was still in a tug-of-war position.

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The trading rhythm slowed down before the lunch break, moved sideways in the early afternoon session and then moved back to reference. At ATC, HoSE’s index widened in green.

Closing the session, VN-Index increased by nearly 5 points (0.47%) to 1,055.32 points. VN30-Index gained nearly 12 points (1.13%) thanks to banking stocks, approaching the threshold of 1,070 points. On HNX, HNX-Index and UPCOM-Index closed near reference.

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The market traded in balance with 228 gainers on HoSE, compared with 181 losers. In the large-cap group, the status was somewhat different when 19/30 stocks kept in green.

The bank was the most noticed name in today’s session. In VN30, this group accounted for 4/5 stocks with the most positive impact on the index. VPB also led the gain of blue-chips when closing at the ceiling price, followed by MBB with a gain of 4.4%, TCB with more than 2%, VIB, HDB, and CTG with a gain of over 1%. Retail and manufacturing groups such as MSN, MWG or VNM also traded positively.

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In the mid-cap group, the codes of industrial, retail, insurance or seaport real estate also remained in green.

In contrast, real estate is a strongly differentiated group when green and red colors are intertwined. In VN30, VHM, PDR both lost over 4%, NVL lost more than 2%, VRE also closed below reference.

Market liquidity narrowed, with a trading value on HoSE of just over VND 12,000 billion, equivalent to 730 million shares changed hands. Foreign investors’ transactions also slowed down with a buying value of more than 1,100 billion dong while selling was over 800 billion dong.

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