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Foreign investors were net buyers for 17 consecutive sessions

Today, foreign investors net bought nearly 1,000 billion dong, marking the 17th consecutive session that this group bought more than sold.

Foreign investors today disbursed nearly 2,500 billion VND – the most in a week – of which poured the most money into shares of Novaland Group (NVL) with 223 billion VND, followed by VHM, VND, SSI and DXG. In the opposite direction, this group sold 1,550 billion dong. Vinamilk stock (VNM) was under the strongest selling pressure with nearly 100 billion dong.

This is the 17th consecutive session that foreign investors bought more than sold, significantly longer than the series of 7 consecutive sessions in the middle of last month. The net buying value in the current chain is sometimes up to 2,200 billion dong per session.

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Foreign investors’ cash flow positively affected VN-Index’s movements. The index representing the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange struggled around reference for most of the trading time, sometimes even dropping to 1,025 points. However, half an hour before closing time, money flowed strongly so the index rebounded and closed at 1,047 points.

The trading value of the whole session today reached VND 13,240 billion, of which the large-cap basket accounted for nearly half. Compared to the first session of the week, this figure decreased by more than 3,000 billion dong. NVL ranked first in terms of matched value with more than 1,000 billion dong, far ahead of the second group with liquidity ranging from 500-650 billion dong such as VND, STB, and SSI.

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Today there were 258 gainers and 160 losers. The green color completely dominated in the large-cap basket with 24 gainers, 6 times the number of losers.

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Many stock groups reversed suddenly thanks to the cash flow of foreign investors. Typically, in the real estate group, NVL is decreasing by nearly 5%, then turned to increase by 2.2%, closing at 18,200 dong. Shares of DIG, CEO, and PDR also returned to the reference price floor or gained 9% at the close.

Securities group recorded a series of stocks that changed their status suddenly in the last minutes of the session such as VCI, VND, and HCM all from falling prices to ceiling prices and there were no sellers.

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