Hướng dẫn tải Honkai Impact 3 trên PC không giả lập | honkai impact 3 pc | ข่าว เกมทั่วไป ผู้เล่นหลายคนมากที่สุด

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Honkai Impact 3 ra mắt phiên bản PC VN

Cuối cùng “con ghẻ” của Mihoyo cũng ra mắt r ae ơi.
link trang chủ để tải game: https://honkaiimpact3.mihoyo.com/asia/enus

Honkai Impact 3 ra mắt phiên bản PC VN

NEW GAME || Honkai Impact 3 Tai sao HAY ĐẾN THẾ? || Thư Viện Game

NEW GAME || Honkai Impact 3 Tai sao HAY ĐẾN THẾ? || Thư Viện Game
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honkaiimpact3 newgame thuviengame

Link tải game: https://www.tap.io/app/67544

Kênh THƯ VIỆN GAME bào gồm những tựa Game MỚI NHẤT HAY NHẤT, Những phân tích CHUYÊN SÂU.
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NEW GAME || Honkai Impact 3  Tai sao HAY ĐẾN THẾ? || Thư Viện Game

Hướng dẫn tải Honkai Impact 3 trên PC không giả lập

Video hướng dẫn này của mình hơi dài vì ghép thêm đoạn test game vào mong ae thông cảm.
Link download game: https://www.bh3.com/?fbclid=IwAR1k_HGorBnsZ4Qqjmv5HmMg8DVxXDv6lL2d4hJS7VE2kmpHXDVOpijM
ID nick của mình:
ID bản PC: 205564968
ID bản Mobile 3rd: 201443543
ID bản Mobile 3: (Mình ko chơi😆😆😆)

Hướng dẫn tải Honkai Impact 3 trên PC không giả lập

PC Version of Honkai Impact 3rd! How is it Different From Mobile?

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Today we’re trying Honkai Impact 3rd on PC! Not an emulator! They recently released an actual PC port for it! Let’s see how it’s different.

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Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)
Outro Music: “Quantum Sonata Formantx”

PC Version of Honkai Impact 3rd! How is it Different From Mobile?

Honkai Impact 3rd: PC vs Mobile Graphics Comparison

Quick video on comparing the graphics of the pc and mobile version of honkai impact 3rd or houkai impact 3rd. Enjoy! honkaiimpact3 HI3 honkai3rd

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Mihoyo released an actual pc client of honkai impact 3rd for global on December 26, 2019. The Chinese version has been out for a while now already. It features a extreme quality preset and higher fps. My only issue is the optimizations.

Honkai Impact 3rd: PC vs Mobile Graphics Comparison

How To Download Honkai Impact 3 On PC

Download Link:https://honkaiimpact3.mihoyo.com/global/enus/fab
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How To Download Honkai Impact 3 On PC

Honkai Impact 3 First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

Try out Honkai Impact 3rd yourself here: https://bit.ly/ThelazypeonHI3
Use my personal code EUYZ4S4P3F for a reward
Special thanks to miHoYo for making this video happen

Honkai Impact 3 in a 3d Free To Play Action RPG Hack And Slash that’s avalible to play cross platform on both PC and mobile, This game uses a fast paced action combat system, has a voice acted Anime main storyline and as you progress through the game you’ll unlock different characters that each have their own abilities, weapons and progression systems.

What do you think about Honkai Third Impact? Is the good cross platform hack & slash? let me know in the comments below!

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Honkai Third Impact Description

Honkai Impact 3rd has players control a team of up to three characters, known as “Valkyries”, in realtime combat against various enemies. During battle, players may freely move their character around the battlefield and switch between their three deployed Valkyries to adapt to various enemy types. Each Valkyrie has unique attack, evasion, switch, and ultimate skills, as well as a rockpaperscissorsbased character type to fulfill different team roles. Valkyrie stats and skills can be customized with various weapons and equipment, which can be improved by using ingame resources. New equipment (known as “Stigmata”), weapons, and Valkyries can obtained either through ingame crafting or through a gacha system.[citation needed]

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Singleplayer game modes include the “Story” campaign, consisting of short stages punctuated by dialogue in cutscenes and full motion videos (FMVs), “Chronicles”, a series of brief side stories that explore Valkyries’ backstories, and “Open World”, allowing exploration of a large openended field to gather materials and complete various challenge tasks, coupled with its own storyline. The game features various multiplayer cooperative and competitive modes such as “CoOp Raid”, where players team up to unlock legendary weapons; “Memorial Arena”, where players compete against a set of bosses for the highest score; and “Dirac Sea”, where players attempt to progress as far as possible through a gauntlet of battles to compete for high scores. Players are able to join groups of other players, called “Armadas”, which allow for more opportunities for events and rewards. Armadas allow for limited requesting of materials and resources from other players in the Armada.

Outside of battles, Honkai Impact 3rd allows players to interact with the Valkyrie and Stigmata characters through the “Dorm” mode. Upon completing character specific tasks, different characters may be able to move into the dorms, whereupon new character information and dialogues between those characters can be seen. Players can craft various pieces of furniture and design the layout of the dorm rooms to increase the “comfort” of the Valkyries and Stigmata therein. Greater comfort levels allow players to level up their dorm limits for more elaborate decoration. Players are able to visit and view each other’s decorated dorm layouts.

Secondary gameplay mechanics include various minigames incorporating bullet hell, platforming, and shoot ’em up elements that allow players to gather various crafting and experience materials. Limitedtime seasonal events may also include gameplay styles such as dungeon crawling and battle royale which are not normally seen in the main gameplay modes.

Cross Platform, Hack & Slash, Anime, RPG, Waifu Collector, Gatcha, Action Combat, Big Damage, Ultimate Abilities, Collector, Story, Abilities, TheLazyPeon
Honkai Impact 3 First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

Honkai Impact 3 First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

Versi PC Asli Honkai Impact 3 (PC)

Halo semua, akhirnya Honkai Impact 3 versi PC sudah bisa dimainkan. Ini Honkai Impact server Global dan ini merupakan port langsung ke PC dan tidak menggunakan Emulator.

Download di Official Websitenya : http://bit.ly/39jNXGw
Bahasa : Inggris
Game Size : 5,2 GB

Untuk System Req dan Minimum ada di sini : http://bit.ly/2Q06lwu
Untuk PC yang di pake,
Prosesor : Ryzen 9 3900x
Mobo : Asrock x570 Taichi
VGA : Zotac RTX 2060 AMP
CPU Cooler : Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360R RGB
RAM : G.Skill DDR4 3600MHz 2x8GB
HDD : Seagate 2TB
SSD NVMe : SSD M.2 Adata SX8200 Pro 512GB (2 buah)
SSD SATA3 : SSD SATA3 Samsung 860 Evo 500GB (2 buah)
PSU : Corsair RM650

Versi PC Asli  Honkai Impact 3 (PC)

Honkai Impact 3rd Ultra High Graphics Gameplay PC | 1440p 60 FPS

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This is a Gameplay of Honkai Impact 3rd at Ultra High (Max) Graphics settings on PC.
(Honkai Impact 3rd is a Freetoplay action Role Playing game).
Watch the video at full quality for best experience.
[I have maxed out each and every setting.]

Hope you enjoyed it :)…
Do you like the graphics and want more like this? Let me know in the COMMENT 💬 down below.

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(00:00) Intro
(00:15) Chapter III Normal 31
(02:36) Chapter III Normal S32
(04:15) Chapter I Hard 15
(05:35) Chapter I Hard 16
(06:29) Chapter I Hard 18
(08:14) Chapter I Hard 19
(09:25) Open World Intro Cutscene
(10:01) Open World Part 1 Yae Sakura
(12:26) Open World Part 2

Check out this playlist for more MAX Graphics gameplays:

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honkaimpact honkaimpactpc honkaimpact3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd Ultra High Graphics Gameplay PC | 1440p 60 FPS

GAME HẤP DẪN NHẤT 2020 của CrisDevilGamer

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GAME HẤP DẪN NHẤT 2020 của CrisDevilGamer
CrisDevilGamer Anime HonkaiImpact3
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Hôm nay CrisDevilGamer sẽ chơi một tựa game mới mang tên HONKAI IMPACT 3, tựa game này hôm trước đang lướt Youtube tự nhiên coi được quảng cáo thấy hấp dẫn quá nên Cris Devil Gamer quyết định vào chơi thử cho anh em xem

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GAME HẤP DẪN NHẤT 2020 của CrisDevilGamer

รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อ Hướng dẫn tải Honkai Impact 3 trên PC không giả lập.

Hướng dẫn tải Honkai Impact 3 trên PC không giả lập

Hướng dẫn tải Honkai Impact 3 trên PC không giả lập

แลกเปลี่ยนที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อ honkai impact 3 pc

สามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์เพิ่มเติมได้ที่นี่: https://aseanseafoodexpo.com/games/

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Hướng dẫn tải Honkai Impact 3 trên PC không giả lập

honkai impact 3 pc.

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