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During the development of my EXE game, I made a video for you guys just so you don’t get bored or waiting for me to upload videos.
Download Link:
At the end of the game, there’s a German blue screen, so I translated it into English. Make sure you put subtitles for messages or translations.


Sonic Generations (HD) playthrough ~Longplay~

I may be five years late to the party here, but SEGA decided to celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary with style, with classic and modern Sonic meeting in Sonic Generations!
I thought it might be an idea to put this up as a longplay just to see if there’s any interest for this kind of thing, and it’s not an overly long game so there’s no harm in giving it a shot. This is a nodamage run where I get an SRank in every act, because… well, I might as well try to make it presentable.
This is the Xbox 360 version, for the record. Enjoy!
0:00:00 Opening
0:01:30 Green Hill Classic
0:05:41 Green Hill Modern
0:10:03 Chemical Plant Classic
0:12:23 Chemical Plant Modern
0:16:31 Sky Sanctuary Classic
0:19:55 Sky Sanctuary Modern
0:24:16 Green Hill Modern Mission \”Way Past Fast\”
0:26:30 Chemical Plant Classic Mission \”Invincibility Challenge\”
0:28:15 Sky Sanctuary Modern Mission \”Knuckles: Buried Treasure\”
0:32:03 Rival Battle: Metal Sonic
0:36:17 Boss Battle: Death Egg Robot
0:41:18 Speed Highway Classic
0:44:35 Speed Highway Modern
0:47:58 City Escape Classic
0:51:02 City Escape Modern
0:55:04 Seaside Hill Classic
0:58:38 Seaside Hill Modern
1:03:49 Speed Highway Modern Mission \”Drill Baby Drill\”
1:06:03 City Escape Modern Mission \”Cream: Helping Hand\”
1:08:39 Seaside Hill Modern Mission \”Rouge: The Temptress\”
1:11:41 Rival Battle: Shadow the Hedgehog
1:14:28 Boss Battle: Perfect Chaos
1:19:34 Crisis City Classic
1:24:15 Crisis City Modern
1:28:21 Rooftop Run Classic
1:33:19 Rooftop Run Modern
1:37:10 Planet Wisp Classic
1:43:56 Planet Wisp Modern
1:51:46 Crisis City Classic Mission \”Flame Shield Challenge\”
1:53:40 Rooftop Run Modern Mission \”Rooftop Rail Grind\”
1:56:00 Planet Wisp Modern Mission \”Action Master\”
1:58:08 Rival Battle: Silver the Hedgehog
2:01:47 Boss Battle: Egg Dragoon
2:10:34 Time Eater Intro
2:14:31 Final Battle: Time Eater
2:20:51 Credits

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Commentary channel:

Sonic Generations (HD) playthrough ~Longplay~

Sonic Exe vs Cartoon Cat – Tiles Hop

Thank you for watching
Sonic Exe(Hide And Seek)
Cartoon Cat(Bad Karma)

I Do Not Earn This Music
moodgameryt sonic cartooncat

Sonic Exe vs Cartoon Cat - Tiles Hop

sonic.exe version 666 gameplay

the most creepyest game ever!!! sonic.exe!!!! you must play the game at your own risk

sonic.exe version 666 gameplay


If you guys know one thing it’s that I love a good and creative Sonic.exe game. Sonic.exe One More Time definitely delivers! It’s following the same old concept of the original game but puts a lot of effort in original and creepy sprite work and animations as well as other cool nifty details that make this game stand out. Is better than PC Port? That’s up to debate. But I enjoyed this new Sonic.exe horror Game a lot!
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