Home » Surviving 14-Day Bangkok Quarantine (ASQ) – FINALLY BACK IN THAILAND! | bangkok quarantine

Surviving 14-Day Bangkok Quarantine (ASQ) – FINALLY BACK IN THAILAND! | bangkok quarantine

Surviving 14-Day Bangkok Quarantine (ASQ) – FINALLY BACK IN THAILAND! | bangkok quarantine

คุณกำลังมองหาหัวข้อ bangkok quarantine? คุณกำลังมองหาข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับหัวข้อ Surviving 14-Day Bangkok Quarantine (ASQ) – FINALLY BACK IN THAILAND! หรือไม่? ถ้าใช่ เชิญรับชมได้ที่นี่ครับ.

Surviving 14Day Bangkok Quarantine (ASQ) FINALLY BACK IN THAILAND!

In this video I discuss my 14day alternative state quarantine / ASQ experience in Bangkok, Thailand. I stayed in the Onebedroom Balcony Suite (65m²/700ft²) at the Lohas Residence. Aside from the isolation, the experience was great. While I won’t be lining up to do it again anytime soon, if you’re on your way to Thailand then Lohas Residences might be a good choice for you, too.

You can see their most up to date ASQ packages here: https://asq.in.th/asqthailandhotels/lohasresidencessukhumvit

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Hi, we’re Chris and Angela and we sold everything, paid off our debt, and gave up the ninetofive back in the United States. Today we are living full time in Thailand, guiding and inspiring prospective expats towards amazing lives abroad!

Surviving 14Day Bangkok Quarantine (ASQ)  FINALLY BACK IN THAILAND!

Luxury Hotel Quarantine Bangkok Thailand 2021 Anantara Riverside ASQ Hotel

Traveling to Thailand in 2021 is possible if you are willing to go through the 15 Day quarantine also known as ASQ Hotel. In this video, I will share my ASQ hotel review of the Anantara riverside Bangkok resort.

List of ASQ Hotels:

Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort ASQ


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Luxury Hotel Quarantine Bangkok Thailand 2021  Anantara Riverside ASQ Hotel

15 Day Quarantine Completed | First Impressions Of Bangkok, Thailand

WE COMPLETED A FULL 14 NIGHT QUARANTINE! CRAZY! Today is our first day out of our ASQ hotel, join us as we walk through the chaotic streets of Bangkok making our way to multiple shopping centers to buy cheap stylish clothes and quality camera equipment for our stay in Thailand!

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DontaiandKaory DKFamily DKAdventures

15 Day Quarantine Completed | First Impressions Of Bangkok, Thailand

Life inside a BANGKOK ASQ Quarantine hotel + Room tour asq bangkok

I will show you what life is like inside an ASQ quarantine hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. If you wish to travel to Pattaya, you must come here first
I have been living in this Quarantine hotel in Bangkok now for 5 days and the experience has been quite good! The food has been great and this hotel is quite nice. Thailand has compulsory 14 day Quarantine in an ASQ facility This is a good look inside (and outside) of the hotel and the experience to get there.

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✔️Traveling to THAILAND in 2021

✔️My life in MANILA Makati and BGC PHILIPPINES travel vlog


✔️Hanging out at VENICE MALL and BGC

✔️ Visiting Fort Santiago, Rizal Park and Malate

I do a short room tour of my ASQ in Bangkok and show you around, give you a look at my meals and my daily life in here.

I booked this ASQ Bangkok, Thailand from;

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Life inside a BANGKOK ASQ Quarantine hotel + Room tour asq bangkok

I just finished hotel quarantine in Bangkok. It was brutal.

I just finished 16 days of hotel quarantine as an alternative state quarantine (ASQ) facility in Bangkok.

It was a much more difficult experience than I expected it to be.

In this video I share my experience in hotel quarantine, from how I used the space to what it’s like getting some outdoor time.

I completely my quarantine at Centre Point in Terminal 21, Bangkok in a 65 square meter room (apartment). I share the exact cost in the video.

Finally, I made a big mistake that resulted in a brutal experience. I also share this in the video.

Hope the video is useful!

My previous video on traveling from Melbourne to Bangkok: https://youtu.be/Mo_Iu1T_CF8

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And here’s a free guided breathwork meditation that helped get me through: https://ideapod.com/selfhealingmeditation/?ref=2

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I just finished hotel quarantine in Bangkok. It was brutal.


We finally made it to Thailand!!! We love BANGKOK and will show you WHY! Let the Thailand series begin!

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Vlog 64 | Thailand Country 13

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bangkok thailand quarantine



In this video we share what our 10day Quarantine in Bangkok was actually like.

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We realized that life is extremely short, especially since you only get one try. So we decided we would start taking chances, stepping out of our comfort zones, and enjoying whatever rollercoaster God throws our way. We know that there are always a few scary drops along the way, but in the end, the ride is always worth it.

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Thailand Quarantine: FULL Review ASQ Bangkok (Food, Rules, Covid Test etc) + Tipps & Recommendations

Thailand Quarantine review: I am going to make an ASQ Review about my quarantine hotel here in Bangkok, the Siam Mandarina Hotel – Bangkok ASQ Review

Bangkok, Thailand: After you enter Thailand or after you return to Bangkok you have to stay in a quarantine hotel in Bangkok. These hotels are called ASQ hotels (ASQ = Alternative State Quarantine) for 15 days. I stayed in the Siam Mandarina Hotel, which is right next to the Bangkok Airport. In this video I am going to do a full ASQ Review. How is Thailand quarantine? How does it feel to be trapped in a hotel room for 15 days? How is the food in quarantine hotels? What are the rules? I am going to answer all of this in my full ASQ Bangkok review. So if you are about to return to Bangkok as well and you have to do the mandatory 15 days Thailand quarantine as well, then this Thailand quarantine vlog might be helpful for you. Let’s start this ASQ Thailand review and right after I am done with quarantine in Bangkok, I am going to start daily vlogs from Bangkok & Thailand. Bangkok now might be a bit different, but surely still worth exploring. Can’t wait to experience Bangkok 2021.

I can highly recommend the Siam Mandarina hotel, you can check it out here:
➡️ https://www.siammandarinahotel.com
➡️ https://www.facebook.com/siammandarinahotel

00:00 Intro ASQ Review & my room
03:48 How is food in Thailand quarantine?
12:31 Covid test in ASQ Hotel
16:32 Going outside during quarantine
18:30 Ordering from room service
23:11 Second Covid test
24:20 Final rewiew & ASQ tips
Thailand Bangkok bangkokvlog

🙋🏼‍♂‍A B O U T M E
I am Ken Abroad, a fulltime traveler traveling southeast Asia, currently living in Bangkok Thailand, making Bangkok vlogs and Thailand travel vlogs. It is my goal here on this channel to visit every country in southeast Asia and bring you along the journey.
You won’t see much tourist places in my videos, I rather like to show the “real” sides of each country in my videos. Where do the local people go to eat? Where do they hang out? How do the locals travel through the country? Stuff like that.
There will be almost daily uploads on this channel, during the next months from Bangkok and Thailand. I will be traveling Thailand, showing you around local places in Bangkok or try lots of different Thai food. Join the journey if you are interested in experiencing Bangkok now and Thailand 2021 from a more authentic local point of view.
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Thailand Quarantine: FULL Review ASQ Bangkok (Food, Rules, Covid Test etc) + Tipps & Recommendations

How To Get Into Thailand In 2021 | Visa, PCR Test + 2 Week Hotel Quarantine

Thailand has one of the most difficult tourism entry requirements of any country right now. If you are thinking of coming here in 2021, make sure you understand all the different paperwork required and are ready to shell out $1000 USD+ for a 2 week hotel quarantine. As I mention in the video, the rules may change throughout the year, so make sure you are checking with your local Thai consulate what the current rules are. I stayed at the Siam Mandarina Hotel near Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and in this video I give you guys a brief overview of what my stay has been like. Some additional resources for entry to Thailand are listed below:

COE Portal: https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/
List of ASQ Hotels: http://www.hsscovid.com/ (click on Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ))
Agoda ASQ Booking System: https://www.agoda.com/quarantineth
Hey Mondo Travel Insurance (covers covid): https://heymondo.com/?utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=ALINAMCLEOD&cod_descuento=Alina%20Mc%20Leod&ag_campaign=ENTRADA&agencia=fb170151c29dc50b20851c24ceec6ffbfa13
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How To Get Into Thailand In 2021 | Visa, PCR Test + 2 Week Hotel Quarantine

FREE!! 14 Days State Quarantine in Thailand SQ in BANGKOK

14 Days State Quarantine in Thailand SQ in BANGKOK

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FREE!! 14 Days State Quarantine in Thailand  SQ in BANGKOK

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รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อ Surviving 14-Day Bangkok Quarantine (ASQ) – FINALLY BACK IN THAILAND!.

Surviving 14-Day Bangkok Quarantine (ASQ) - FINALLY BACK IN THAILAND!

ดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์เพิ่มเติมที่นี่: ดูข่าวดีเพิ่มเติมที่นี่.

คำสำคัญ เกี่ยวข้องกับ bangkok quarantine.


#Surviving #14Day #Bangkok #Quarantine #ASQ #FINALLY #THAILAND.

หวังว่าข้อมูลนี้จะเป็นประโยชน์กับคุณ ขอแสดงความนับถือ.

25 thoughts on “Surviving 14-Day Bangkok Quarantine (ASQ) – FINALLY BACK IN THAILAND! | bangkok quarantine”

  1. First, thank you to everyone who has stuck by our side, is still subscribed, and/or has messaged us over the last year asking where we were and if we were okay. We definitely have lots of catching up to do… It’s been a long time, but I’m finally back in Thailand!

    I recently finished up my two week quarantine at Lohas Residences Sukhumvit. While I won’t be signing up to do it again anytime soon, I had a great overall ASQ experience and wanted to share my experience (and room tour) with others who might be in the process of making their way to Thailand in the immediate future.

    Arrival: After a quick pickup from the airport I was on my way to quarantine. I chose to stay in the One Bedroom Balcony Suite (65 sqm / 700 sqft) and checked in at about 1:30PM. Because I landed before 6:00PM, my 14-day countdown to release began immediately… no dreaded day “0”.

    As soon as I was able to drop off my bags I was escorted down to the courtyard for my first PCR test. The nursing staff were polite and confirmed all of my details before administering a relatively painless nasal swab. I would later have my second and third PCR tests on day 6 and day 12, respectively.

    Food: Having lived in Thailand previously, for the best experience I knew to opt for mostly Thai meals. The quality of the meals was usually very good and the kitchen staff was flexible on the few occasions where I requested a same-day meal change. I received my meals at the same time each day. Breakfast at 8:00AM, lunch at 12:30PM, and dinner at 5:00PM. While the food didn’t always arrive hot, the room was equipped with a microwave and a few plates and bowls for easy reheating. Initially, I was a bit worried when the microwave in my room didn’t work properly, but it was replaced immediately after I alerted reception. The hotel was nice enough to provide a free outside pizza to delivered about midway through my stay, and also allowed its residents to order outside food using Grab, Food Panda, etc.

    Cleaning: Room cleaning is no longer allowed under the new rules, so the rooms are equipped with dish soap, a sponge, laundry detergent, and plenty of bags for disposing of waste.

    WiFi: I requested my own router and was pleased to find one waiting on the desk in my room. The connection was fast and I only experienced slowdowns on one or two occasions. Those periods were short lived and didn’t interfere with my work or video calls with friends and family. I also brought my PS4 and was able to play games and stream YouTube content without any issue.

    Fitness: To my disappointment, reserving fitness time or outside time was no longer allowed under the updated quarantine rules. However, the hotel does provide a yoga mat for each room. I brought my own resistance bands and requested that a treadmill be put in my room (7,000 THB). I walked/ran about 10km per day. If you have the cash to spare I would highly recommend opting for the treadmill. It gave me something to do to pass the time and a sense of purpose while I would otherwise be sitting around most of the day.

    Comfort: The bed, sofas, and chairs were all very comfortable. Because the room was equipped with large floor-to-ceiling windows, I found that I didn’t use the balcony nearly as much as I thought I would, but it was nice to have on the few occasions I did use it. Both of my air conditioning units worked well to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. However, they both made a loud clicking noise every 30 minutes or so. If I hadn’t brought earplugs this would have prevented me from getting to sleep and staying asleep. While I didn’t report this to the staff, I’m not sure there is much they could have done as it seamed to be how these units were made.

    TV: Mostly Thai channels, but they did include Sky News, Fox News, Channel News Asia, and a few other international news and movie channels. I recommend bringing an HDMI cable if you intend to watch your own content on the TVs.

    Other Amenities/Notes: Large kitchen with a two burner cooktop (not allowed to use during ASQ), a toaster, hot water kettle, large bathtub, bidet toilet seat, and large work desk. While you are not allowed to make outside local calls on your hotel phone, the staff was helpful in arranging a rental car using the instructions I provided (I eventually cancelled and chose to book flights instead).

    Overall, I would absolutely recommend the Lohas Residences, and can pretty easily say that it was worth the 66,900 THB I paid. Having the extra space and treadmill made quarantine very easy. The days passed quickly and never felt like I was trapped, etc.

    Thanks, everyone! 🙏☺️🇹🇭

  2. Thank you for this video. Coming back to Thailand in November (left Feb. 2020), hopefully quarantine is only 7 or 10 days in November, byt preparing for 14 days… I am vaccinated, so might try to change my ticket to Phuket instead of Bangkok and do the Sandbox. Looking forward to more videos from Thailand and as I am currently obsessed with quarantine videos I hope to see one when your wife gets to Thailand! 🙂 All the best!

  3. Hi there I’m amazed to find this video and that you arrived back in Thailand. I remember you being in CM with your wife and cat and then you disappeared….did life take a different turn a few years ago? Cheers and looking forward to updates….I still got the postcard you sent that time you sent about 12 subscribers a postcard. Good luck

  4. I am getting my tourist visa and then COE for Bangkok. When I go through at customs, do u know if I have to have proof of accommodation for my ENTIRE stay in the country?
    The teaching job that I accepted wants me to go there and convert my tourist visa to a non-b. I booked my ASQ 14 day hotel and then a 2 night hotel, but I want to hold off on booking more nights at another hotel until I arrive in Bangkok. Not sure if I will be denied at customs due to lack of accommodation.

  5. Day 4 for me and my family today. I agree, it has been great so far—much bigger problems in the world than enjoying a suite with delivered meals and total chill time. So glad to be back in my daughter’s motherland after 4 years!

  6. Good to have you back. We are on day 10 and we are finding it though we are locked in full time but noted your balcony which we don't have which was a mistake on our part. The WIFI in our hotel is also sketchy and its driving our 12 year old mad. But like you we are counting down the days to freedom and we are directly on a plane up north to our new life ….roll on Monday 🙂

  7. Welcome back to YouTube my friend. And to this side of the world. Can’t wait to see you & Angela again in person in the near future. First vlog was great! We enjoyed it a lot, keep them coming 😊

  8. Welcome back!!! Sorry to hear about your father. Wish the best for you and Angela, as always! Looking forward to vlogs, too. Hope Angela gets there safely and quickly.🙏🙏🙏-Spider-

  9. Glad to see you back use to watch you all the time always wondered where you went missed your videos now can't wait to see more welcome back 🥰

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