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Home » Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide | gretsch guitar | รวมเพลงเพราะที่สุด

Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide | gretsch guitar | รวมเพลงเพราะที่สุด

Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide | อัพเดทเพลงใหม่ที่นี่.

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Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide

🎸When buying a Gretsch guitar it can seem over whelming, with many different options to choose from. Chris takes a look at the entire range and helps you to understand whats what 🙂

Thanks to Nathan for the amazing demos!

0:00​ Intro
0:33 Intro to Gretsch / Video layout
1:17 Price Ranges

1:33 Streamliners (Entry Level)
1:56 Streamliner Playing 🎸
2:45 Electromatic
3:08 Electromatic Playing 🎸
3:53 Professional Range
4:20 Professional Range Playing 🎸

5:48 The different types of Gretsch guitars
6:16 Solid Body Guitars
7:08 Solid Body Playing 🎸
8:31 Center Block (Semi Hollow)
9:24 Center Block (Semi Hollow) Playing 🎸
10:34 Hollow Body
11:12 Hollow Body Playing 🎸
13:06 Outro

Gretsch G2655T Streamliner CentreBlock Junior Double Cutaway with Bigsby, Fairlane Blue

Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT with V Stoptail, Firestick Red

Gretsch G6120T55 Vintage Select Edition ’55 Chet Atkins Hollow Body With Bigsby

🎸See more of the range here….

Shure Beta 27

Sennheiser e 609 Silver Dynamic Microphone for Guitar Cabs

Fender ’68 Custom Princeton Reverb

🎤 Vocal Mics
Sennheiser EW 122 P G4 Wireless Handheld Microphone System, Channel 38

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Gretsch Guitar Guide

Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide

An introduction to Gretsch Guitars

The 1950’s and ’60s are considered the Golden Years of Gretsch guitars production. With their distinctive appearance and incredible tone, these guitars have been a firm fan favourite ever since.

In this video, we take a look at 5 of the best modern day Gretsch models we have in store. Packed full of vintage mojo, these guitars are a fitting tribute to the timeless guitars manufactured during the Golden Era.

Check out the range here


An introduction to Gretsch Guitars

The Rise & Fall (and Rise!) of GRETSCH | Friday Fretworks

What is “The Great Gretsch Sound”?

My Line 6 Helix Preset:
HX Stomp Preset Bundle:
Tabs & Backing Tracks:
PayPal Tip Jar: ​

Key points:

0:00 Intro
0:31 JAM!
2:04 George Harrison and the Gretsch Legacy
3:08 JAM! (Til’ There Was You The Beatles)
3:27 Gretsch Origins
4:45 Country Gentleman
5:13 Control Walkthrough
6:37 From Boom to Bust
7:49 Not the end of the story…
8:57 Gretsch legacy today
9:14 What is the ‘Gretsch Sound’?
10:13 JAM! (Cortez the Killer)

The Rise & Fall (and Rise!) of GRETSCH | Friday Fretworks

GRETSCH a CONFRONTO! Le più versatili sono LORO | StrumentiMusicali.Net



GRETSCH a CONFRONTO! Le più versatili sono LORO | StrumentiMusicali.Net

Gretsch G6120TBSSMK Brian Setzer "Smoke" Demo

Intro 00:00
Bridge Pickup (Crunch) 00:05
Both Pickups 00:47
Bridge Pickup 01:10
Neck Pickup 01:20
Both Pickups 01:33
Bridge Pickup 01:51
Neck Pickup 03:53
Bridge Pickup (Crunch) 04:32
Both Pickups 05:05
Neck Pickup 05:40
Bridge Pickup 06:09
Bridge Pickup 06:40
Both Pickups 08:11
Bridge Pickup (Crunch) 08:31
Neck Pickup 09:30
Bridge Pickup (Crunch) 10:03
Neck Pickup 10:52
Both Pickups 11:19
Bridge Pickup 11:51
Neck Pickup 12:51
Bridge Pickup 14:24
Both Pickups 15:12
Bridge Pickup 15:31
Bridge Pickup 16:00

Gretsch G6120TBSSMK Brian Setzer "Smoke" Demo

My Gretsch Guitars

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A little tour through my hollow body guitars let me know your thoughts!

My Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch G9555 New Yorker Archtop Guitar with Pickup Guitar Demo

Продажа \ Выкуп \ Обмен \ Пересыл \
🎸 Гитары 🎛 Педали 🔊 Усиление.
Новые поступления каждые 23 дня.

🏠Шоурум в центре Москвы.
🏠Шоурум в центре СанктПетербурга.
🔧Гитарная мастерская в СПБ.
🥁Репетиционная точка “Две Бочки” в СПБ.
📢Самое интересное в группе “Guitarcollectors” Вконтакте.
🥁 Скидка 50% на любую репетицию на нашей точке “Две Бочки” при покупке от 5.000р. Id реп. базы Вконтакте “dbdrum”.

Реп. Точка
Наши контакты:

Guitar: Gretsch G9555 New Yorker Archtop Guitar with Pickup

China 2010s.

Джазовый арчтоп в прекрасном состоянии, с топом из массива ёлки и крутым датчиком DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1000. Технически и косметически в полном порядке. В комплекте кофр GODIN 031870 TRIC CASE ARCH TOP.

Вес 2,4кг.
Gretsch Roots Collection
Arched top: Spruce, solid
Back and sides: Maple, laminated
Neck: Mahogany
Vintage VStyle
Fretboard: Katalox
19 Frets
Nut width: 44.45 mm
Scale: 635 mm
Bridge: Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)
Pickguard: Tortoiseshell
Grover StaLite machine heads
Pickup: DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1000

Gretsch G9555 New Yorker Archtop Guitar with Pickup Guitar Demo

Gretsch Guitar 5622T Electromatic Center Block DoubleCut Demo

00:00 Intro
00:05 Bridge Pickup
01:02 Bridge Pickup
01:50 Neck Pickup
02:37 Bridge Pickup
04:08 Both Pickups
04:32 Bridge Pickup
06:34 Bridge Pickup
07:39 Neck Pickup
08:06 Bridge Pickup
09:06 Neck Pickup
09:45 Neck Pickup
11:19 Both Pickups
11:37 Both Pickups
12:09 Neck Pickup
12:42 Both Pickups
13:21 Both Pickups
13:41 Bridge Pickup
14:08 Both Pickups

Gretsch Guitar 5622T Electromatic Center Block DoubleCut Demo

Duo Jet vs Pro Jet! Gretsch Guitar Tone Comparison!

Today I am comparing two of the most AMAZING singlecut guitars around; but will the cheap one be able to keep up with the expensive one? Keep watching to find out 🙂
If you enjoyed this video, be sure to like and subscribe!

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Soli Deo GLoria!

Duo Jet vs Pro Jet!  Gretsch Guitar Tone Comparison!

รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องกับเรื่อง Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide.

Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide

Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide

ข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อ gretsch guitar

🎸เมื่อซื้อกีตาร์ Gretsch มันอาจจะดูน่าเกรงขาม มีตัวเลือกมากมายให้เลือก Chris ตรวจสอบช่วงทั้งหมดและช่วยให้คุณเข้าใจว่าคืออะไร 🙂 ขอบคุณ Nathan สำหรับการสาธิตที่น่าทึ่ง! SKIP LINKS: 0:00​ – Intro 0:33 Intro to Gretsch / Video layout 1:17 Price Ranges 1:33 Streamliners (Entry Level) 1:56 Streamliner Playing 🎸 2:45 Electromatic 3:08 Electromatic Playing 🎸 3:53 การเล่นแบบมืออาชีพ 4:20 การเล่นแบบมืออาชีพ 🎸 5:48 กีตาร์ Gretsch ประเภทต่างๆ 6:16 กีตาร์ตัวแข็ง 7:08 การเล่นตัวแข็ง 🎸 8:31 เซ็นเตอร์บล็อก (กึ่งฮอลโลว์) 9:24 การเล่นเซ็นเตอร์บล็อก (แบบกึ่งฮอลโลว์) เวลา 10:34 Hollow Body 11:12 Hollow Body Playing เวลา 13:06 Outro GUITARS FEATURED: Gretsch G2655T Streamliner Centre-Block Junior Double Cutaway with Bigsby, Fairlane Blue Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT พร้อม V Stoptail, Firestick Red Gretsch G6120T-55 Vintage . Select Edition ’55 Chet Atkins Hollow Body With Bigsby 🎸ดูช่วงเพิ่มเติมได้ที่นี่…. AMP MICS: Shure Beta 27 Sennheiser e 609 ไมโครโฟนไดนามิกสีเงินสำหรับกีตาร์ Cabs AMP Fender ’68 Custom Princeton Reverb 🎤 Vocal Mics Sennheiser EW 122 P G4 Wireless Handheld Microphone System ช่อง 38 🎸💼👜 SHOP GAK MERCH 💻🖱🖥 WEBSITE – FB – . Twitter – Insta – @gak_music #Gretsch #Guitar #Guide .


>>เรา เราหวังว่าข้อมูลนี้จะมีคุณค่าอย่างยิ่งสำหรับคุณ ขอบคุณมากที่รับชม.

แท็กเกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อgretsch guitar.

#Understanding #Gretsch #Guitars #Buyers #Guide

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Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide

gretsch guitar.

38 thoughts on “Understanding Gretsch Guitars | Buyers Guide | gretsch guitar | รวมเพลงเพราะที่สุด”

  1. Buying a Gretsch was easy for me.
    I picked up a 5620T at the local guitar store saying: "hey i like these (cat's eye) soundholes, not the normal boring f-hole"
    the salesman said: "this one has a center block so it does higher gain aswell"
    so i plugged it into a EVH 5150 and tried some metal riffs, then i bought it.

  2. I bought new, Chinese made gold top Electromatic Pro Jet G5438 (the single cutaway, chambered body – the “Les Paul shaped” guitar) from GC back in 2009… for about $399 … knowing George Harrison had a similar Gretsch, but in black (I wanted gold)…then I learned he added a Gretsch licensed Bigsby… so I found one for $159 and put in on myself (The kind that attaches at the rear strap button, not the horseshoe shape kind that screws into the top of the body)…. However, I discovered later that George’s has dynasonic pick ups, not the filtertrons like on my guitar. Still… Mine sounds great and definitely has different tones than any of my other guitars. And yes I was able to find and buy a case 🙂 Of course, you can buy a replica of George’s guitar from Sweetwater … but it’ll cost about $3500 🙂

  3. What a pointless video. I watched this video to help me understand what the difference is between a cheap Gretsch and a more expensive one. What type of pickups does each range have? None of this vital information was covered. I don't care what famous players used them and I know going in what is in this video. No help. The video was presented well though.

  4. Great guide/overview of their product line. My favorite part was when the center block was played with some higher gain to show its ability to get fantastic classic rock tones outside of just rockabilly and jazz.

  5. So what is the difference in the guitars? Why are some cheap and some expensive?

    If the different types of guitars sound different, why didn't he play the same thing to show us?

    I am not sure i have any better understanding of when I started. But this just proves the point: that free information often has the value of nothing.

  6. I've been a Gibson and Epiphone player for the past 35 years. I was sponsored by Gibson from 2001 to 2017 at the local level by the Gibson dealership, which brought many fine guitars into my affordable price budget. I had a secret hankering for a Gretsch or two, but there were a few things about them that I couldn't accept in a guitar if I wanted to play it at my gigs.
    My main problem lies in the way the neck joins the body too far in. For the same reason that I consider the Gibson ES-330/Epiphone Casino a complete waste of money, I wouldn't buy a Gretsch or any other guitar on which I couldn't access all the frets. I play a few Gary Moore songs, including Still Got The Blues and Parisienne Walkways, in which there is a high E to be played by grabbing the high E string at the 22nd fret and bending it up two frets worth from D to E. That lick just cannot be played on any Gretsch guitar except for the ultra-ugly, dorky Streamliner, the metallic blue one so ably demonstrated in this video. Its lower bout is too small and it has the wrong Bigsby fitted!
    When the Australian dealership fell out big time with Gibson in 2018, my sponsorship evaporated as well.
    So I bought a secondhand Gretsch White Falcon Double-Cut on Ebay from a guy in Australia, where I live. Talk about a disappointing purchase! It was 30 years old, but in the photos it didn't look nearly as "tanned" as it actually was. It appeared to be only slightly off-white in the pics on Ebay. It was brown! In addition the pickups sounded terrible! Even with the expert help of my guitar tech, we couldn't improve the sound worth a damn. The best he could do was to get it to sound like a cheap Telecaster copy. Luckily he didn't charge me much, and I took it straight from his workshop to the new guitar shop owned and operated by the guys who used to run the Gibson dealership shop in Brisbane, and sold it on consignment. Whoever bought it, I wish them luck! One thing I could do with it was access the 22nd fret! But it was a very uncomfortable access in the extreme.
    So, to scratch my Gretsch itch I bought Gretsch pickups and, inspired by the Chris Cornell Gibson ES-335 I fitted them to one of my Epiphones, thus was born the Grepiphone. I just ordered a pair of Dearmond pickups from a Greek pickup manufacturer and I'm really looking forward to hearing how they sound in one of my Epiphone Sheratons! I couldn't find the Gibson humbucker-sized version on the TV Jones page so I had to look elsewhere. Seems Jones ain't interested in Gibson players. The guys at the new shop were keen to see me try out one of the new Gretsch semi-hollow guitars with the double cutaways, but they had the same problem as almost every other Gretsch has in relation to the untouchable frets. A pity, because they were really nice to play and sounded good as well.
    Back when there was some indecision at Gretsch about which iconic brand, Fender or Gibson, that they were gonna throw in with, I was crossing my fingers and toes that Gibson were gonna acquire Gretsch, but sadly the decision went the other way. Oh well, at least Fender might listen to their potential buyers' suggestions, whereas Gibson definitely wouldn't. And Fender has kept them more affordable than Gibson ever would've.
    One last thing. I own an Eastwood Classic Six in Arctic White. The Eastwood is a mixture of Gretsch, Rickenbacker, and Gibson designs. But it comes out being distinctively Gretsch-y, if that's a word. Made in China, the Eastwood Classic Six has Gretsch-alike pickups and a real Gretsch tone to it . . AND its neck joins the body at the 20th fret!! Its body is a little thicker, front to back than a Gibson, and its lower bout is the right size. Fred, please take note!!


  8. That’s one of the most accessible introductions to the world of Gretsch guitars 👏🏻👏🏻 i own a 5420T in Aspen Green and a 5230T in Airline Silver, both lovely instruments.

  9. Expensive ones are made in Japan, other than custom shop USA.
    Electromatics are made in Korea, others in China.
    I have a 5120G electromatic made in South Korea and the workmanship is nothing but perfect, not a single flaw.

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    this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to new updates and will talk about this
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